Cseh Tamás Program

Cseh Tamás Program was founded in 2014 to support the Hungarian pop music industry. With the help of National Cultural Fund of Hungary, the Newcomers Sub-Program could guide 99 performers, among them now recognized names like Margaret Island, USEME, Lóci Játszik, Belau and many others. Cseh Tamás Program made it possible for numerous bands and singers to go on tour and perform their music both in Hungary and abroad.

Besides managing a new generation of musicians, Cseh Tamás Program also intends to reconnect with the history of popular music in Hungary. Supporting academic research and publishing books on the subject, organizing conferences and talks, while the Program’s vast archive of interviews is a great resource for experts and fans alike.

This year’s CSTP Festival celebrates the third anniversary of the Program with concerts, an exhibition, talks, conferences and international guests.  The Festival will take place at Várkert Bazár and A38 Ship from the 21st to the 24th of June, with free admission to all events.

Instruments in action Exhibition
- June 21-24, Várkert Bazár

At the interactive instrument exhibition everyone can try their hand at creating music, as trained experts will give lessons to anyone interested in singing or playing musical instruments.

Backstage Extra Conference
– June 22-23, A38 Ship

Backstage Extra, one of two conferences at the Festival, is all about international relations. Noted experts of the music industry from all around Europe will give presentations about their specialities, whether that is running a club, or managing a band.

The detailed program is available here.

Participation is free but pre-registration is required: backstage@csehtamasprogram.hu

English-Hungarian interpretation will be provided.

„They glanced at us from the screen” Conference
– June 21, A38 Ship

This conference focuses on the history of Hungarian popular music, and its connection to the film industry.

Participation is free but pre-registration is required: timea.murzsa@cstp.hu

– June 21-24

During the Festival more than 50 performers will entertain the public at several locations throughout the city.

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See you there!

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